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Oxford Elementary School

1130 Oxford Street

Berkeley 7, Calif.

Oxford Elementary School in the late 1940s and 1950s was a neighborhood school in Berkeley, California for kids living roughly round and about the Circle.  There was usually one teacher per grade, and we remained in a classroom for a year.  Rather than a PTA, we had a "Mother's Club."  (See Oxford History and Oxonian and Oxford Song.) 

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This site is under perpetual construction.  We offer, among other things, Class Photos from the years 1940-55, including pictures of the Traffic Boys (years 1954 and 1955, courtesy Kent Rasmussen, who scanned them and sent them to Jim Dean as e-mail attachments). Special thanks to Mara French, who got us all started in this act of reconstruction, who hosted the very successful 30 December 2001 Reunion, and who is responsible for most of the evocative photographs in the Tales of Oxford Elementary School Pages.  Classmates, please send Reidar(class of Fall 1951) any anecdotes you would like to share and he will put your anecdote (or anecdotes) on the Anecdotes page above-- Jim Dean
Reidar Bornholdt (reidar@columbia.edu).