Oxford Neighborhoods: An Album

Photos by Mara French

The top of Hopkins Street in the 1940s

The Circle

Classmates' Homes

Fountain Walk (2 thumbnails, with link to a second page)

Indian Rock

Amador sequence (5 thumbnails)

Mariposa sequence (3 thumbnails)

Terrace Walk (1 photo with links to four views on the Walk)

Walnut and Shattuck (1 photo)

Walnut Street, Oxford lower playground (1 photo)

Walnut-Eunice separations (2 thumbnails)

Live Oak Park (1 photo with additional links)

Berryman Path sequence (1 photo with a link)

Rose and Oxford (1 photo)

Rose's Grocery neighborhood sequence (Scarich's: 4 thumbnails) [see historical sketch on this grocery]