Class List of June 1955

The June 1955 class list refers to people who graduated in the Spring.  See also the Fall class, which graduated in February 1956.

The asterisks are for those who left Berkeley in 1955 or earlier.  Links go to picture pages.  We eventually hope to have links to all our classmates.
Jeff Adams
Harland Bartholomew
Tom Boyden
Ralph Conner*
Walter Conner*
Jimmy Dean
Josh Diamond*
John Dodds
Bruce Duncan
Tommy Dye*
Susan Emery
Billy Gatewood
Edith Gauger
Tom Geiser
David Gordon
Kristine Hilton
Framces Houman
Gordon Jacoby
Douglas Kaltenborn*
Ruth Kuznets
Caroline Lewis
Ann Lucey*
Diane McGee*
Judy Mazia
Melody Meyers
Jean Noller
Billy O'Brien*
Barbara Pape
Norman Randolph
Kent Rasmussen
James Selby*
Billy Stallone
Jerry Strong
Roger von Seeburg*
Ray Wootten